Groups of tourists according to preferences


Tourists groups are formed according to the tourists’ preferences.

Tourism services are supplied according to the demands.


Tourists who prefer quietness. They go on holiday to relieve their everyday worries and relax in a quiet and pleasant environment. They go to a holiday home or sanatorium in a spa or at the seaside.

In order to have a good rest in Armenia, I recommend going to Lori region: Stepanavan, Vayots Dzor region: Jermuk, Tavush region: Dilijan or Ijevan, in these places there are different types of tourism that will not bore you.

Tourists who search for pleasure. They like to have a good time in cafes, restaurants, and casinos.   

This type of tourists can go on city tours in Armenia, for example in Gyumri, Yerevan or Goris, where there are many cafes, restaurants, etc.

 Tourists who like to have an active rest. They usually go to a rural place where they can go on hiking. They can climb mountains, swim in a mountainous river, and sleep in tents. They prefer adventures rather than a quiet life.

I really love active tourism, especially mountain climbing.  For active tourism in Armenia, you can go to Khustup, Aragats, Azhdahak, Armaghan mountains, which have a wonderful view and will give many feeling emotions.

 Tourists who are interested in historical monuments and museums.        

Armenia is a very good option for cultural tourism lovers, because it is rich in museums and historical and cultural places. For example, Gyumri is a very good place among the cities, and Arates among the villages, where there is a monastery belonging to the 7th, 11th and 13th centuries.


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