Sender’s Address:

Date: (22.09.2022)

Recipient’s Name …..
Designation & …..
Address …..
Subject: Participation in Cleanliness Drive

Dear Sir,

On behalf of my classmates and other students of Mkhitar Sebastatsi college, I would like to express our wish to assist you in the Cleanliness Drive you are organizing.

The Principal and teachers of our collage informed us of this drive and encouraged us to participate in it. Asking people to contribute in their own small ways to such social causes makes people feel a sense of belonging and responsibility.

We the students of Mkhitar Sebastatsi college would like to contribute to this noble cause and will encourage our friends and families do the same. We are grateful for this opportunity we received to serve the land which provides for and nurtures us at all times.

Thanking you.

Sender’s Name: Knar Harutyunyam
Sender’s Designation: student


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