Tour package. Tavush


Tour package. Tavush

During today’s tour we will go to one of the most charming corners of Armenia, the Berd region of Tavush (Shamshadin), which awaits us with its many natural, man-made wonders. The tour will be tent-walking. During the program we will enjoy the dense forests of paradise Tavush, cross trails, enjoy wonderful views, see historical monuments, and in our tent camp around the campfire we will enjoy our forest rest and starry night. We are sure that during this tour of Tavush you will have unforgettable and fairy-tale days that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Departure — From Yerevan, at 7:00

Price — 19,000 dram

The price includes:

• Transport
• Guide service
• tent, sleeping bag, mattress
• Dinner on the first day

The hikes will be about 15 km in total. The necessary items are: hiking / sport shoes, hiking / comfortable clothing, protective equipment (goggles, hat, ointment), personal hygiene items, raincoats և replacement shoes and clothing. Food and water should be taken with you for two days.

Detailed program:

• Day one.

Departure from Yerevan — 2 hours

  • Girl stone (Աղջիա քար) (the rock is located on the right bank of the Aghnja River, 4 km south-west of Aygedzor village. It is a slight ascent) 1 hour to eat and etc.
  • Kaptavank, a hike from Idsakar (We will start the hike from the village of Idsakar in Tavush, from where we will reach the impressive Kaptavank through thick forests)

At 22:00 a bonfire overnight tent in the forest of Kaptavank.

• Day two.

Get up at 8:00, wash for 15 minutes, etc. for 1 hour to eat

We will leave on the 9th

On the 10th we will reach Tslik Amram fortress

Tavush Fortress, otherwise known as Tslik Amram Fortress, is a medieval structure on the outskirts of the town of Berd in the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia, on the right bank of the Tavush River. Tavush Fortress is mentioned for the first time since the beginning of the 10th century as the residence of Ashot Yerkat’s deputies (mainly Tslik Amram). One of the peculiarities of the castle was that the building had its own water supply. As the fortress has been abandoned since the 14th century, now it is in a bad condition. The year of foundation is not known.

10: 00-11:00 we will reach Nor Varagavank

Nor Varagavank (Tavush region) (12-13th centuries) was founded by Prince David of Nor Berd (St. Anapat Church, the family tomb) and his son Vasak II (St. Astvatsatsin Church). It was originally called the Desert. The new Varagavank was named because of the destruction of the famous Varagavank of Vaspurakan by the Mongols. There are khachkars near the monastery, the largest of which was built by Vardan in 1620.

1 hour to eat and etc.

  • Tavush reservoir Tavush Reservoir, an artificial lake in the Shamshadin region of Armenia, on the Tavush River, south of the village of Tovuz. The area is 40 hectares, the volume of water is 4.5 million m³.
  • Return to Yerevan — 20:00

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