I’m not going to describe the plot of the film, because you can watch it for yourself. I want to share my impressions and feelings. I would like to watch the film with my children in the future (if of course there is a future and I will have children), because the film itself is instructive and can stimulate mockery, or they can show the film in elementary school, because that’s where it all begins … This movie made me emotional because it was a really good one, I would like to see this film years ago, when I needed it and learned lessons, but as they say, it ‘s never too late. I myself faced such a problem when I was not accepted in the class and was bullied for my appearance, just unlike the movie, I was bullied to the end and I did not make any special friends during that time. I want all those who are not self-confident and do not meet the standards of the society to create in themselves a character and self-esteem through which it will not be possible to break them.

In general, I liked this film very much, it was idyllic, kind, life-affirming / realistic. I am glad that Steven Chbosky was able to arouse interest in this story and attract the audience. He was able to feel the problems of children and teenagers and skillfully embodied them on the screen.

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