Two days tour in Armenia


Tour — the package is designed for hot weather. That means you have the opportunity to participate in late spring, early summer and autumn. The package is designed for 10 and more people.

Required items:

— Backpack

— First aid kit

— A jug for water (bottle or thermos)

— Walking sticks (since there are difficult and difficult hikes, it is better to use a cane to help in impassable places)

— Warm clothes, shoes

— Raincoat

— A hat and sunscreen

— Bitter chocolate or raisins (regulates pressure fluctuations when climbing a mountain)

— And everything you need

Tour program

• Meeting tourists and show them accommodation, have meals, then transition to the main program.

Day 1: City tour

Beginning: 10:00am

Ending: 8:00pm

Route. Saryan Park — Misak Manucharyan Park in front of the main post office of Armenia in the Saryan Mashtots area — Paronyan Street — Kond (conduct educational time and interviews with local residents) — St. Hovhannes Church — For a short time — Museum of Contemporary Art — Vernissage — End.

Day 2: Travel to Ilkasar


Today we will go to the Ararat region, to the Ilkasar mountain and Valley of the Angels. The height of the mountain is 1462 m. At the top are the ruins of a fortress (4-17 century), which occupy almost the entire summit of the mountain. We will then land and head to the Valley of Angels, which stands out for its looks and colors and impresses everyone. There are many such small rocky gorges in the region, but it is distinguished by its beauty, there is healing mineral water in the region. We will finish the hike in the village of Dashtakar.

Beginning : 8:30 am

Ending: 6:00 pm

Route. Yerevan — Ararat region — Ilkasar — Angel Gorge — Dashtakar — Yerevan

Angel Gorge


8:30 — meeting

9:00 — 10:00 From Yerevan to Ararat region

10:00 — 10:20 arriving in Ilkasar

10:30 — 13:00 Climbing and in landing

13:00 — 13:20 From Ilkasar to the Valley of Angels

13:20 — 14:20 Have an exciting time in the Valley of Angels.

14:20 — 15:40 From the Valley of Angels to the village of Dashtakar

15:40 — 16:40 Relax, grab a bite to eat and chat with the locals.

17:00 — 18:00 From Ararat region to Yerevan

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