A speech about emigration


During this speech I will try to present my views and thoughts on emigrating from Armenia. I think you are all already aware of the difficult situation in the country… We have lost some territories (which by the way were very important and significant areas for the country), we have lost most of the youth, the economy is stagnant, in a word we are collapsing… But this is not the end, I am sure that there is a future and a good future, which we must build ourselves. We all have fears that the future is empty here and at the first opportunity we just run away to strive for a better life, of course our parents think of us first, our good education, our good future, that’s why they prefer to get out of this swampy country.

But we do not want to realize and understand that we need this country and this country needs us, we can create the same prosperous future here by uniting. I think if we have lived on the same land for centuries, gained independence, not collapsed and not collapsed, then we will not collapse now, because what we have lived for so many years would be meaningless, we just have shortcomings that we do not intend to correct (we say the nation I mean).

When we did not have independence, we were in a dependent state, we overcame all this, didn’t we? And now what prevents us from standing up, let me say. we just look at the enemy as a stupid, underdeveloped and weak animal, and they look at us as victorious warriors, smart and knowledgeable people …

They study and learn our language, culture, literature, and we consider the language of the enemy and Learning culture is hostility to our nation, that way we do not respect our victims and other stupid stereotypes. It is the underdeveloped stereotypes of our country that break and destroy us, the Armenian hates the Armenian, the Armenian destroys his historical and cultural buildings, then complains that the enemy is destroying our culture, which we simply do not appreciate. Until we become sensible, have a sufficient level of development, we will always remain in the same place and will sink even more into the swamp. In fact, I do not know what projects can be undertaken to prevent emigration, but I know one thing for sure, I am Armenian, I will live in Armenia until my death … (unless, of course, my parents make a decision for me). I just love my country, I do not love people at all, the country is not guilty that people are idiots …

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