English translation


«Բացահայտում, ինքնաճանաչում»

Today I will tell you about one of my recently painted pictures , which I called «Discovery, self-knowledge». We are born and over time we begin to think, «Who am I?» Or «Why was I born?», «What is my mission?» and so on. And like that — step by step, we start to discover who are we, where we live, we start to see the life in its colorful and colorless aspects … This is exactly what I tried to describe in the picture. In the middle there is a child who doesn’t have sex, skin color, because he is still undecided and mainly some circumstances hinder him from orienting himself correctly, I can say that the circumstance is the society, because if you do not have willpower and you are your own, society dictates to you what you’ll be in the future. The child cries in frustration, because from an early age he began to discover and recognize the real, false and empty world, which is based on the abyss … If you noticed he has 4 eyes, I painted exactly 4, because I want the child to be careful in the future and make right choices, also be able to enjoy life to the fullest and see all that he can not see with two eyes. People behind the child is the society, and the fire next to him is the warmth of parents and relatives, who are always ready to help and protect. I do not know if I was able to explain exactly what’s was on my mind, but I hope it was clear to understand.

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