English 23-27


Անգլերեն լեզվով ֆիլմ-հեքիաթներ․ Fairytale movies in English

My opinion about the movies

The sent movies were very interesting, I watched all of them. Although there were some movies that I had already watched, but I watched them again, this time in English, trying to understand. Of course, sometimes I asked for the help of translator while watching. The films were quite accessible and rich in content. I even didn’t sleep at nights, I was absorbed till the end of all the movies, also I didn’t sleep so I could watch and finish them all.
   Thank you for choosing interesting films. Usually, my attention is drawn into films which are contain meaning, have something to say, teach something. Actually I received all of this points from those films.

My favorite cartoon

Children who chase lost voices

The cartoon just had divine beauty, both the plot and the shooting were wonderful.
   It teaches that we should live and strive for something, not to afraid of death, not to resurrect the people that we lost, but to continue to live, to enjoy life because it is the only one and you won’t be able to have the second one. After all, life is so short…


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